Miserable spicy bean wrap from Tezzers (it’s actually pretty decent)
S&V popchips aka the greatest chips eva
Energise innocent smoothie as I am struggling

any good?

I ended up with che

I had Leon meatless meatballs with rice which were nice! And soggy cold chips obvs.

I also got a new Leon baked doughnut with rose and pistachio and it was fucking vile. Like swallowing sand. And £3.25! Fucking rip off.

A boring salad because i want to lose weight :unamused:

Fucking great burrito that,

Is that my boob of a big hair?

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I didn’t buy it in the end. Went for a spicy bean wrap instead (which was good)

Had one of those Wicked Kitchen salads that you get from Tesco. Moroccan Inspired Bowl apparently- not sure it transported me to essaouira, but it was certainly V nice-

I wanted this but they had run out of it at my Tesco.

Can’t believe I couldn’t finish mine, ezzer will be disappoint :disappointed:



ban request


Spicy chipotle soup from asda and some crunchy tiger bread, top notch

Cheese and pickle sanger
Crisps (Walkers, ready salted)
Banana x 2
Coffee x 2


Did some nachos of sorts…

Only I couldn’t be cba’d making pico de gallo and that, so just used one of them sachets of salsa you get in those Old El Paso kits. And didn’t have many jalapeños left so used spring onions instead.

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Been trying to not eat supermarket sandwiches or wraps, however this surprised me. A good soup and hunk of bread is my usual go-to but I often find it nutritionally lacking and usually run out of energy by 5