Pittas with tuna mayo & peppers

Eat Chana and Gobi wrap.
Perry pigs
And 5 train beers.

Mushroom, red onion, Gruyere and dijon on half a baguette, grilled


i do not know

fried chicken bun with kimchi mayo / pretty dece coleslaw in the cafe at work, but i had that yesterday

I’m going to go here -

Might have octopus dumplings. Might not.

You can get cream for that

These are really messy. Good job I’m wfh

Think I’ve just gone off the thought of those.

Might just get a burger. I’m being ruined by choice.

Chicken super noodles. Clearing out the food in my non-perishables cupboard :woman_shrugging:.

Can’t remember if faceplant foods are there or not but if they are their sweet potato and peanut stew is some top eating.

had pizzer followed by a lindt chocolate bar, 8 on 10 lunch

On #nationalfishandchipday too, smh m9.

Is it? I’ve eaten more than my fair share for the month.

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Tofu & vegetable udon in miso.

had a banana for breakfast, so might have something more substantial for lunch. a banana and an apple maybe

Are you a gibbon?

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