Cheese, tomato chutney and rocket in a red onion and chive bagel. Packet of walkers cheese and onion crisps, an apple and a cup of still tap water


Just sat down to eat


I did not have pizza.

Instead I had pumpkin falafel in a brioche roll with some cous cous, tzatziki, hummus, red cabbage.

Banana too.


Veggie chilli in a wrap with guac, chips, onion rings and salad. Can of lemon San Pelle.


Toast or cereal. I haven’t made my mind up yet.


What cereal and what spreads you got?


Packed lunch

Cheese and Ham with onion relish sandwich.
Packet of Sunbite crisps.
Banana and a pear.

It’s what i have most days, but today its by the side of the river Wandle watching this beaut of a dog play fetch.

Which makes my boring lunch far more enjoyable.


What a time to be doubleespresso


Seeded wraps w/hot smoked salmon, cream cheese, spinach and a bit of sweet chilli sauce. 6/10


East Anglian vegetable pakora, beetroot, cauliflower, some sweetcorn salsa thing with lots of raw onion.

Bomp potential: high.


Veggie curry, daal, rice, mango chutz, a naan (actually half a brick hard pita). 6/10


Vegan sweet potato chilli thing.



I had a Margherita from Pizzabuzz. They’ve put the prices up, and were very stingy with the tomato sauce. Unlikely to go there again.


ban request


Yes. It’s clearly manny chutz


ur clearly manny chutz m8


dw, i had a nap instead.