Leftovers of yesterday aub N shroom Thai green cuzza for me

A starter of octopus, followed by baked cod. Now eating this ‘tarta de whisky’

Big salad

No idea. English please

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Some kind of cheesecake

Falafel, Aubergine and Feta pita
Hummus bowl (Both from Pilpel)
Thing of canteloupes
Peanut butter Cliff bar


Ham sandwich
Ready salted crisps
Big glass of water (plain)

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Chicken Caesar salad


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Love a bit of octopus me

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Poached eggs and avocado on toast like the massive cliche I aspire to be

So good innit

Veggie burrito with extra guacamole, medium spicy.

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one of they bol veg pots. can’t get enough of them lately.

I had a brown rice salad thing from wasabi. It had nice teryaki tofu in it.

But then I was still hungry so I got veg gyoza from Itsu. Now i’m going to eat some fruit.

Wasabi and Itsu in the same lunch



Just had a KFC. I regret nothing.

Greedy bitch more like.

(i’m so poor why did i do this)

My two moods tbh

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