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Peanut Butter & Cucumber sandwich (now in my stomach)

Half chilli garlic paneer, half chilli garlic chicken.

With rice.

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Weird combo

had a bagel with pastrami and cheese, plus some cherry tomatoes

might go and get a doughnut because the apprentice made me do it

Was excellent. Post Office special n all.

Will wash it down with a glass of tap water and a banana later.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Objectively, it’s less weird (to me at least) than peanut butter and jam. At least savoury flavours alongside salad is an actual thing.

No. 1 in JAPAN… how was it?

I’m fucking starving.

Quinoa, John cashanu, veg and edamame salad with some soy ginger dressing. Then a pear.

Injera with 5 (!) curries and pickle


Egg mayo sandwich. Meh.

Struggle pizza (leftover toppings on sliced bread) followed by jam and cream scone.

Excellent lunch.


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i also dislike injera.

Get yourself to Iceland.

Tomato soup. Can of ginger beer.

No surprises here.


Silly billies the pair of you.