What you got?

Made something approximating tzatziki and have that in wraps w/date and fig chutney, beetroot falafel thing and a bit of hummus. Pretty peng, though could use some spinach or suchlike.

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Don’t know. About to go downstairs to the cafe to investigate. Maybe soup + roll + small salad.

Leftover galic & herb chicken and some salad with a generous helping of some homemade black garlic hot sauce. Dunno if it’ll work together - stay tuned to find out.

Got 2 of those sausage roll things but it’s cheese and onion inside instead of sausage. Apple, orange and some crisps.

But then Jordan posted that chicken big tasty thing from Maccy’s and I kinda want. :thinking:

update: small salad. sausage roll.

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Jacket spud with chilli and a sprinkling of cheese.

Solid 7/10. Saves me having to cook this evening too.

Punjabi Choley - pouch / sachet thing from Home Bargains of a chickpea curry. Added leftover butternut squash & spinach from home plus a brown pitta.

quite hungry tbh

i have no food

A selection of 3 salads: brown rice and edamame, crackling cauliflower, Moroccan aubergine.

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Leftover veggie jerk curry with rice and peas. Ate it at 11:30am. I might need a second lunch in an hour or so.


Covetous sausage and wedges.

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Is that a new Linda McCartney range?

Chicken Big Tasty


whole office smells onion-y now and I feel a bit guilty.

Bag of Smoky Bacon crips
2 x mini Melton Mowbray pork pies
3 x Krisprolls with cream cheese

Absolute belter today.


Reheated leftover chilli con carne from last night. I always get the leftovers when we’ve made too much. Clive’s too Tory for leftovers.

Some baby squids in tamarind sauce and then some more pork belly