what you having?

i need inspo

Gunna make a leek and pot soup during my lunch break. If I’m quick I’ll have a bowl of it. If not ill just have some Humous and pitta and maybe make a quick coleslaw

It’s Xmas dinner in the canteen. Going to have a look at Jacket Potato toppings and soup offerings instead.


Soup and a salad from the salad man

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I’ll let you know once I’ve gone downstairs to investigate. Too cold to go out.

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Hoping for an East Anglian baked potato and tuna mayo but I don’t know what’s on today.

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Sandwich w/baby gherkins, chunks of marinated tofu and some coleslaw. It actually kind of works.

Coffee too, of course :coffee:


2 votes for a baked pot is making me want a baked pot

This sounds very nice.

I love this little gherkins.

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Sounds boshty that fl.

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Got some Tarka Daal and a tortilla wrap… they’ll go together, right?

what’s involved with this marinade?

Leek and sweet potato soup.

Admirably watery, prison camp rations.

A trip to tesco

(lazy option, would be properly good with better stuff I imagine)


might need to give this a bash.

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Having rice with a veg curry. It’s basically baby food which is what I need rn

On my way to a fancy steakhouse as we got given vouchers for walking a dog, not sure what to have.

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got a sausage roll and a small salad in the end

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