Lunchbowl vs. Lunchplate

which will you be having? And what will be on/in them?



Salad and a roll I think

Hey eric, why are penguins so good on the internet?

1 x pastrami and mustard sandwich :sandwich:
1 x cheese tasters :cheese: :metal:
1 x 'suma :tangerine:
1 x caramel hazelnut billionaire bar :chocolate_bar:

All eaten over the cling film that my sandwich is wrapped in.

Because they don’t vote in anonymous poles?

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i don’t know. why are penguins so good on the internet, epimer?

Sardines on toasts. From a small plate, obviously.


Because they’ve got web feet!!!

(guess what I got instead of a Tunnock’s caramel wafer. Fuck off, everything)

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Firm uni favourite this one, alongside mack(erel) on crack(ers).

Gonna really push the boat out and top it with cheese.

i don’t think fish and cheese should go together, friend

Leftover keema and some cous cous eaten out of a Tupperware container.

It was good/ ten.

You absolute tuna melt.

I respect this opinion and generally agree, but sardines+cheese on toast is cracking.

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Lunch options are crap today so it’s a panini I’m afraid guys

It’s ok, you’ll get through it. Just let it cool down a bit first.

Fresh baguette with cheese and pickle, served on the chopping board I cut the baguette on.

Also 11 Jaffa cakes. Trying not to open a second pack.