Lunchbox "snack"-sized chocolate bars [poll(s) and chat]



colleague just now “a Club raisin is my worst nightmare”




this will mean something to someone, I’m sure


But the raisins add an exciting texture switch up! What is WRONG with people?!


Oddly handbags-at-dawn for a chocolate biscuit thread m9! he just means using one as a straw as people do sometimes


Sounds like you’re talking about a Tim Tam Slam.

Incidentally, sook in Straya-English means sulk, so this reply was double confusing.

Portion sizes: the definitive poll thread, chat welcomed

enjoy fruit biscuits at Reading (old peoples’ home)


Wow, people really like wafer, don’t they.


Turkish Delight Tim Tams are the best thing that Australia has given the world


Them’s fightin’ words.


pfff you’ve got this all wrong

tea cake = your grandad (saps)
caramel wafer = small c conservative (you)
caramel log = suave man about town (me)


:smiley: I will, thankyouverymuch. Do you know what else I’ll enjoy? Rich tea biscuits. No shame


Once again, nobody who is being honest with themselves thinks that a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer is a superior product to a Taxi


if i was in google ads i’d totally start serving them denture banners right about now


:expressionless: the most boring of, potentially, all chocolate bars


The desiccated coconut gets everywhere, though.


Dad again?


Also i’ve said this before but


  • bring it back
  • colon_closed_bracket says alright Moloko

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always thought kit kats were a dad chocolate bar, love them now though so i guess i’m a dad


I’m willing to accept that as an opinion despite being a fan of them personally, what I am not willing to accept is that somebody who is a fan of the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer prefers it to a Taxi