Lunchbox "snack"-sized chocolate bars [poll(s) and chat]



Call me Yer Auld Da


Can’t believe Classic bars aren’t on your list @plasticniki . Smdh


Don’t trust people who don’t think that Tunnocks is the superior snack of choice to be honest.




shut up, man!




I think we needed multiple options here.

There are several of these that I would happily snack the living daylights out of.



dude! you’re well known as the king of handbags/losing your shit over nothing

you should quit while you’re behind

good day, sir


I’m the one who admits it though :wink:


peanuts, no thank you




absolutely should not have made me fully bark out a laugh; did.


Fuck Time Out’s and all who sail on her.


I definitely need to work on some new material.


a single twix is always really unsatisfying

you know you’re only getting half a chocolate bar


Tunnocks Caramel Wafer because:

  1. It’s dead tasty
  2. You’re not eating an inferior version of a product (such as a Kit Kat Chunky)


Are you saying the Kit Kat Chunky the inferior version of the product, or is the standard/2-finger Kit Kat the inferior version of the Chunky?

Asking for a friend.


The latter.


Phew. I was genuinely concerned for a minute there.