Lunchbox "snack"-sized chocolate bars [poll(s) and chat]



But they’re two different products that happen to share a name!! They aren’t really comparable


a two finger is (obviously) a sub-standard four finger

but it’s debatable whether a four finger or a chunky is the superior biscuit


Let’s put it to the test:

  • Kit Kat Chunky
  • Four-Finger Original

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chunky probably edges it, but they’re definitely in the same league


blue ribands are so bleak


Would snack the fuck out of most of these to be tbf.


kit kat chunky peanut butter


Except for the wafer biscuit and the surrounding chocolate?

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, a regular Kitkat is absolutely fine and if offered I’d happy take one in two-finger or four-finger form (mrbean.jpg etc) … I just prefer the Chunky.


Dark Chocolate Four-Finger is the best version of a Kit Kat.


I once had a huge running argument with someone who claimed that a one finger twix came before a two finger twix


4 fingers of chunky melted together


Have snacked, and would 100% snack again.

Had this the other day.

It was… fine?

They should do a coffee one. Would snack that senseless.


Word to the wise, m&s salted caramel tea cakes are to be avoided, there is not caramel in them except as an imperceptible flavour in the mallow


Also, I’ve spotted a gap in your poll.



you ever had the mythical solid chocolate kit kat finger?


  • y
  • n

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Those are good, don’t taste like cheesecake more like yogurt, but do have cheese in the ingredients


it’s dead exciting at first but then the disappointment sets in once you realise you got a kit kat for a reason and if you actually wanted solid chocolate you would’ve just bought a dairy milk or whatever


I see your point, I meant more your peanut butter varieties, etc. But your average chunky… I mean you might as well just do this

And obviously imagine a joke about four fingers being too much, etc


That’s made me feel weird.


fucking hell :D: (re: the image, not the joke)