Lunchbox "snack"-sized chocolate bars [poll(s) and chat]



It’s awful isn’t it! And basically what your bog standard chunky is because the middle is just made out of OTHER KITKATS aaarrrghhhh


genuinely relieved that you’ve just done this to make a point and that that isn’t your standard kit kat eating procedure


This is upsetting


Haha I’m not a savage! :slight_smile:


I find chunky to be a thing in its own right, the ratios are all different, it is more satisfying to remove the chocolate than standard, standard is better overall


But with a lovely KitKat Chunky, I can bite all the chocolate off the outside and then eat the massive tasty wafer afterwards (I know other people can probably do this with regular KitKats but I have silly overbitey teeth and it never seems to work as well :frowning: )


:smiley: I hope you both have a lovely chunky wedding day


it would make for a pretty good story to the ‘so how did you two meet?’ question


And I hope you enjoy your structurally unsound wedding cake :wink:


Can’t eat any of those but I’ve chosen Cadbury Snack cause it’s clearly the best.

It’s obviously a treat though and not a “Snack”.


What’s the difference between a snack and a treat?

Ever been jealous of a gardener?


I will, thank you! At least if my single fingers were used as confetti they’d hurt a lot less than your wholloping great big chunkies :smiley:


I’m sorry but talk to me about this middle bit some more

do you mean the bit of chocolate that connects the fingers?

or the wafer?


Well, I can’t really come back from that :smiley:


I think I determined in as a treat is something you’re not actually hungry for but you want where a snack is something to have when you’re peck


I see, so a snack is there to do a job because you’re peck whilst a treat is something special you’ll have regardless of whether you’re peck or not?


The bit that’s in between the layers of wafer! It’s crushed up offcuts
( if you care… which you probably don’t because it’s not that interesting really, I was just trying to prove a point)


They should do a premium version where the middle bit is made of non offcut kitkat


so many wrong opinions.


:smiley: yes! What a delight