Lunchbox "snack"-sized chocolate bars [poll(s) and chat]



Yes. Must be peck for snack.


Actually very interesting.


My lunchbox is more of a challenge than a snack.


here he is


Who takes a full packed lunch though?

Fell like i’m not sure an adult would do this?



people on a budget
people who don’t want to spend the best part of a tenner a day on lunch
sensible people
other people


You’re misunderstanding me

I get making a sandwich, taking leftovers etc

but is there anyone that takes a sandwich, a little pack of crisp, a lunchbox choc, a piece of fruit EVERY DAY
Like surely you’d just buy a 6 pack of crisps and keep that in your drawer etc


yes, hello, me

(i do actually have crisps and stuff in my locker but in previous jobs when i’ve had no locker / drawer / whatever due to hot desking i’ve brought a literal packed lunch in every day)


fair enough, I did misunderstand you.


Then you end up eating all 6 bags in one day and crying in the disabled toilet.


This is why I don’t bring lunch in. I did today and ate my soup by 10:45am.

Had to buy a second lunch.


This seems strange to me.

Mainly cause i’m picturing like a mini bottle of water and a pack of raisins etc


That’s quite reserved, when I used to bring lunch in I would eat it by 9:30 just so I didn’t have to think about whether I should eat it or not.


The pressure was too much.

I also have just found a pack of hotel chocolate gianduja bombs in my drawer that I put there last week thinking “i’ll have one a day as a treat!!”

I’ve just eaten 4 of them and now feel quite sick.


obvs i don’t bring a drink in, that would be weird


one a day, who were you trying to kid.


Like a tiny carton of juice.


I know right
And I love gianduja so much so it was inevitable


standard lunchbox contents:

bar of something
maybe a little pack of nuts / seeds / dried fruit
maybe a yogurt


general standard or your standard?