Lunchbox "snack"-sized chocolate bars [poll(s) and chat]





Nope, i’m ok thank you.

I don’t think I want this packed lunch.
I also hate the phrase “packed lunch”


^ evidence, if it were needed, that if you cut down on the unnecessary everyday expenses, one day you’ll be in a position to slap down a healthly deposit on a house


no, though


general standard wouldn’t contain a pack of seeds and a yoghurt and you can take that to the bank.


16 loaves of bread in the freezer?

I’m outta here


yeah i’ll give you the seeds / dried fruit, but a yogurt is a classic of the lunchbox!

currently about 4 slices of bread in my freezer i reckon


Don’t get me wrong, it features in lunchboxes but is not a classic. Transportation issues plus needing a utensil means it will never be considered a staple.


Where’s Rocky bar yo


had an all chocolate “United” biscuit once - they don’t appear to exist anymore though


it’s under “Caramel Rocky” because no on would ever consider the standard one


Oh yeaaaaah! Duh, should have noticed.

Obvs correct as well


Mint Club for me, Clive - preferably one that’s been in the fridge :+1:

Mint choc anything is my jaaaaaam


Cookies and Cream Kit Kats have been a staple of my lunch box for the past few months because they’re always in the cheap shop at work. Otherwise it would be Gold bar every time


not a fan of gold bars, maybe because the coating reminds me of caramac and I had a traumatic experience of getting into a fight with a canadian goose that stole my caramac as a kid (got it back though)


just ate a kit kat big break (8 fingers) in about 5 minutes
feel sick


I take pack lunches as I work in a village with no shop. I always go for orange clubs or jam wagon wheels as they’re the biggest biscuit you can get


tracker bars were good, wonder if they still exists




What?!?! There’s an 8 fingered one too?? What is this sorcery?!