It’s 1pm and I haven’t even considered eating yet. Dunno what’s going on!

what bounce u eatin

getting pretty hungry akshually. might get a bag el from the cafe downstairs

had a salad


what was in it pls

Hmmmm… I’m feeling so very uninspired by food at the moment :confused: I had a wee bag of popcorn and a coffee. That’ll do.

Still feel kind of full from all the tea I’ve been drinking because I’m at home. I think I’ll make scrambled eggs or an omelette to use up some of the food I have here. I might go to the library but that’s not really lunch related.

that’s no lunch!


Had a sandwich (ham, cheese, mustard, rocket - on granary)
Had a bag of wheat crunchies (bacon)
Had a twix (single finger)
Having a glass of cold water

Misery Co-op sandwich, but it was an excuse to get a Belgian bun (FAO of @anon50098204), which was delicious.

you can’t get full from drinking tea!!

I’m thinking… toast.

“bit of everything”:

giant cous cous, loads of cherry tomatoes, some kid of feta / big tomatoes thing, leaves (mainly spinach and something purple), chickpeas in some kind of spicy sauce, butter beans in a lovely tomato salsa, coleslaw, potatoes, peas (normal and rubbers) in a pesto type thing with radish, peppers, beetroot, aubergine, butternut squash… then a dollop of hummous on the top.

Leftover pasta microwaved

boyfriend made me two hard boiled eggs this morning but I can’t find them and he’s not answering my texts
somethings up

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I know! I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish the last few days and as a result I haven’t been feeling so excited by food! Still eating like there’s no tomorrow obviously… but meh.

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sounds decent tbh, i could murder that right now

wfh, had a bowl of:

can confirm that glorious is a brand name and not a product description (it was ok)

might’ve been the biscuits then

the salads here are great, always something different every day and since I’ve started eating them at lunch I’ve felt way healthier and stuff, very rarely get that 3pm crash now as well :ok_hand:

did you eat half of a double finger or was this a single finger twix from a multipack etc thanks