starving mates. stomachs grumbling quite loudly.

what you having?


massive salad
BANOFFEE BROWNIE (it looks insane, just gonna make a cup of tea and then I will eat it)


i’m in shoreditch so i’m absolutely spoiled for choice! i could have literally any kind of food i want! burrito prob.


Got a strange chicken cous cous salad type thing that Mrs Fox has knocked up for me.

Looks… appetising…


I have a £50 john lewis voucher. Gunna go there, spend £45ish on John Lewis products and spend £5ish on lunch in the cafe.


roll with chorizo, brie and olives
worcestershire sauce flavour tyrrells
coke zero


more info plz


was just out the office there and was passing tesco and thought about getting a bag of crisps or something to tide me over but thought nah it’s not that long till actual lunch i can hold out

worst decision of my life thus far


Really don’t know what to get, might get some bedding. Could also do with some nice t-shirts and socks. Whatever I get will be extremely dull, I can guarantee that


depends on the roll ofc but this could be greatness


I’m a big fan of the ‘Free coffee and cake’ vouchers that Mrs Fox regularly gets through with her John Lewis loyalty card thingamybob.




Toast I think


misery sainsbos meal deal.


Chicken roll and a giant latte!

And meatloaf (bat out of hell)


Can we see the brownie?? If you haven’t eaten it already.


Chilli sin carne.

Was good, I’ll gladly have it every time it’s on offer. And now: we fart.


We have some J-Lews vouchers from our wedding that are due to expire next week!!! After scouring the whole of the website the other day I think we’ve settled on a Le Creuset saucepan. It’s what @Balonz would’ve wanted, god rest his soul.


soz it was in my belly long ago


Late lunch at evil brewdog, whether I drink or not is still undecided.