what you sayin’?



just had a couple of poached eggs on granary toast with loads of Cholula.

Going to wash up now (not washed up the brekkie stuff yet) then have a coffee


a man after my own heart!


Boiling some eggs. Going to make egg mayo. Not sure what to chuck into it as egg mayo can be dull, maybe some curry spices


I hope you’re ready for a - banned


gammon / rocket / mayo / mustard sando
mini chedz
nature valley crunchy peanut butter things (needs cup of tea)
graze honey and seed protein bite (saved for later)


Leftover carrot and lentil soup from yesterday and probably a fruit salad (mandarins, grapes, bananas) for dessert


Cheese & Chilli Con Carne Toastie


funnily enough, i’m also going to be having eggs (scrambled) with a load of cholula wrapped in a tortilla along with some pinto beans


Still full from brekkie, and I’m off for a massage at 1, so don’t want to have anything before that. Not sure what I’ll fancy after… maybe some crisps?


Tesco sandwich, Salt & Vinegar Square, Pepsi Max and some Salted Caramel thing I’ve never seen before.


this is very on brand


Fish and chips is back on the menu in new HQ canteen…

No mustard on offer annoyingly, so will probably start bringing my own in. Verdict: chips not as good as the old place, fish much better :+1:


cauliflower cheese (leftover)
2 x slices of sourdough


laelfy is gonna be fuming about this


Had a :burrito:. Didn’t really want it but I don’t want to leave the house until my delivery gets here.

Probably going to have Huel™ for dinner now, bleurgh.


homemade :burrito:?


No, Tory takeaway.


ah fp