what you sayin’?

just had a couple of poached eggs on granary toast with loads of Cholula.

Going to wash up now (not washed up the brekkie stuff yet) then have a coffee

a man after my own heart!

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Boiling some eggs. Going to make egg mayo. Not sure what to chuck into it as egg mayo can be dull, maybe some curry spices

I hope you’re ready for a - banned

gammon / rocket / mayo / mustard sando
mini chedz
nature valley crunchy peanut butter things (needs cup of tea)
graze honey and seed protein bite (saved for later)

Cheese & Chilli Con Carne Toastie

funnily enough, i’m also going to be having eggs (scrambled) with a load of cholula wrapped in a tortilla along with some pinto beans

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Still full from brekkie, and I’m off for a massage at 1, so don’t want to have anything before that. Not sure what I’ll fancy after… maybe some crisps?

Tesco sandwich, Salt & Vinegar Square, Pepsi Max and some Salted Caramel thing I’ve never seen before.

this is very on brand

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Fish and chips is back on the menu in new HQ canteen…

No mustard on offer annoyingly, so will probably start bringing my own in. Verdict: chips not as good as the old place, fish much better :+1:

cauliflower cheese (leftover)
2 x slices of sourdough

laelfy is gonna be fuming about this


Had a :burrito:. Didn’t really want it but I don’t want to leave the house until my delivery gets here.

Probably going to have Huel™ for dinner now, bleurgh.

homemade :burrito:?

No, Tory takeaway.

ah fp