What did you have/are having/want to have?

Got a jackfruit wrap and sweet potato wedges on the go, HOWEVER

  • Why put the guac and salsa outside of the wrap?? What good do they do me there
  • They do know you can make wedges that are smaller than a whole quarter of a potato right?

Amended to 6.5/10 - the guac is surprisingly good and spicy :avocado: :hot_pepper:

Moved offices and there’s a cafe across the road, went for a full english at 11


3x crumpets with a bit of cheese on

Chilli sin carne, beans, sweetcorn.

Can feel the death farts brewing already.


Only went for the small. 1 bacon, 1 sausage, fried egg, hash brown, beans, tomatoes toast and a coffee

For an extra £1.50 you can have 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, fried spam, black pudding, beans, tomato, toast and a coffee

Mugged myself right off but i’m going out for afghani for tea tonight


mackerel, rice and veg

Regular falafel wrap, with everything.

A bit messy to eat, as the guy making it was very generous with the tahini and chilli sauce

wandered round for a fucking age, eventually got a gluten and dairy free stir fry and guess what, it’s full of onion and garlic :woman_facepalming:

so i’m having rice krispies for the second time today and some seaweed sheets. I HATE THIS

Brisket ciabatta and chips surrounded by this

Snaffled all of these because I felt weak with hunger

and now i’ve got the epimers. FFS.

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Smashing an Afghani in harehills with the lads from work


This was my lunchings


I’m sure this tasted fine, but in terms of look it’s really put me in the mind of Fyre Festival catering.

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Well that’s a bit mean. Thought it looked quite tasty (and definitely tasted tasty)

Assume he means my photographic masterpiece haha


Yeah, was replying to the OP. Yours looks grand @tilty


Ohhhhh I seeeeee

Thanks for making me relive AGAIN how bad my photo was compared to yours gosh. Mean much :wink:

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