what are you l33t h4x0rz having for lunch?

Fried egg on a Scottish roll.

Really hit the spot, but the ominous gurglings have started again…

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*nod of approval*

Just had a KFC. tbf I’m at a service station so there wasn’t a huge amount of choice, should have had a Burger King I reckon in retrospect.

Got a 50% off voucher for the new HOP Vietmanese place round the corner, gonna get one of these:


Might also get a Vietnamese coffee?

thing i’m gonna get tofu bento box again. i’m addicted to it :disappointed:

Going to the gym so no food for me. Again.

you need to eat if you’re working out, man. gonna do yourself a mischief.


I’m still reeling from the revelation that BBC have discovered a method of making one’s own lunch tbh tbf…

Tuna sandwitch.


EDIT: I keep on eyeballing an orange club. Attempting to get back on the health train tho so I dunno.

Quick lunch hack for you here.

To help transport cheese and tomatoes, try putting them between two slices of bread. As an added bonus, the bread you’re using as a carrying device can also be eaten!

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GF and I both off work, so we are heading to the Old st lost rivers bar and kitchen in a bit where the temple of seitan guys are doing a pop up with some new menu stuff.

Heard there is a chicken parma burg on the menu. Hype.

Croque monseur
Taste aux pommes
Fanta Citron

Keeping it local

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1 x cheese and coleslaw sandwich
1 x lightly sea salted crisps
1 x starbar
1 x banana
1 x miserable DiSer

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big fan of this combo. stick that on a decent bap (cwbaft) and you’re in business


sometimes I have this on a cheese-topped roll

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It’s the best thing in that lunch roster for sure. Got a nice fresh loaf of multigrain from saino’s yesterday so banged it in there :yum:

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I’ve had a hankering for a diet coke recently. I haven’t had one for nearly two years :scream: used to be mad about it.

Send it here, I’ll take care of it for you.

If you were here I would gladly give it to you.