Walkers chicken flavour crisps. That’s it. No time to stop now that a huge, urgent job has come in. :frowning:

Dinner first pls.


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Anna Jones’ ribollita, but I didn’t realise garlic salt is actually 70% salt (thought it was like dried garlic with a bit of salt in) so now it’s just salty as hell

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What did/ are you going to get?

they all sound tasty af


They changed the recipe for the veg coconut curry to make it vegan (whoops! I thought it was but apparently not - been eating it for about 2 years) and it’s not as good. It’s ok though just really peanutty sauce? They do good pickles with it!

I got stuck in the toilet before I left for lunch and it really shook me up
So I got itsu gyoza and this from wasabi which I like v much

Have you had this @ericVI?

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omggg tell me how it is pls

I’m having homemade sausages in a sandwich. Gonna be so sweet.

nah looks p good tho

I’m dipping a cheese and pickle sandwich into a tomato and lentil soup and it’s a revelation. A true #lunchhack

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Had this which is surprisingly very good

With some French bread
Might have a tunnock caramel now

It’s super nice. Teryaki tofu.

problem is I think i may be going through a i-don’t-like-avo phase

oh ffs guys we’ve got another one

:scream: :scream:

I love it and over eat it and then i’m sick of it and can’t stand it for a few weeks.