Lunchin' Thread

thinking about wasabi tofu bento box myself :yum:


Might make a cheese sanger

pure starving mates

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yep this. fuck it, i’m goin

big salad
winter berry yogurt

Had a sandwich of bits and bobs that needed using up. Ended up with avocado, tomato, falafel and tzitziki(?) - worked better than expected.

Following it with oat raisin cookies and coffee.

Boots meal deal I reckon.

Harissa chicken wrap.

I’m probably having KFC later.

Quite the life you lead, my friend!!

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Pomegranate couscous thing. S’alright, it’s no pizza though.

got indecisive and ended up with a pret misery baguette

fucked it :disappointed:

oh no mate

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Ham and cucumber sandwich
"Nature Valley" crunchy oats and honey bar
Apple (to follow)
Diet Coke

Nightclass life, bruv.

God sandwich again (chicken, chorizo, red onion, mozarella, cream cheese, avocado bloomer)

wasabi again?! you’re out of control, man.

had some mac and cheese from pret. was okay/10.

see above :disappointed:

and you’re one to talk, you had half a portion of mac n cheese for over a fiver!!

packet of minstrels

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Mediterranean cous cous, chopped up hot dogs, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw and balsamic glaze.