Lunching tings

Who’s eating, who wants to eat, who’s gonna eat

I want to eat

Had a cheese burger from a burger van
10 on 10

For birthday lunch I should have

  • Sit down great soup
  • Sit down good toasted baguette
  • Walk and a pulled pork roll
  • Walk and pakora (possibly haggis, but options)
  • Walk and toasted panini from charity that tackles homelessness
  • Walk and Five Guys

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Ate ages ago m9 ox tongue rolls, salt and vinegar trail mix thing and a pack of mini eggs with a cuppa. Ta

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I had some roasted new potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions with watercress, spinach, and rocket salad, dressed with a peanut, soy, and sweet chilli dressing. It was taste.


quiet office, paranoid cautious snarfing

Send me

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Sausage & Vegetable soup (Heinz I think) and two nice rolls from Morrisons, apple, Wispa Gold.

Barely touched the sides.

Had the co-op vegan steak bake. It’s not very good.


Gonna have some eggs on toast

The highlight of my lunch has already happened: bumping into @mildmanneredjanitor on the Millennium Bridge, obviously.

Currently tucking into a spiced chestnut mushroom, romesco sauce and rocket on gf brown bread sandwich and a bag of creamy Lancashire cheese and onion crisps.


Went to the charity place, got broccoli mozzarella orzo salad


I had some pasta (farfalle with nduja) from the pasta shop down the road. it was OK, 6.6/10.

fancy some kind of cake based product now though

Lovely bumping into you! Looking dapper as always.

I have returned and ate a sad, homemade tuna/pasta/sweetcorn concoction. Might get some m&ms.

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Made a dead good (massively caremalised) onion and gruyere tart thing (sort of halfway to a quiche) and had it cold for lunch with some salad. Was enjoyable

Camera has made the pastry look much paler than it actually is


Had a veg samosa and a chicken noodle cup a soup.

Oh I didn’t read the ‘a’ this doesn’t work at all and wasn’t ‘funny’ anyway