if the thread title hasn’t irked you too greatly, tell us what you’re having.


Attempting to make wraps in the office kitchen. Did a couple yesterday, they were alright (cheese, ham, hummus, red repper, rocket, spring onions).

Gonna do it again today, but this time I’ll melt the cheese on the wrap in the microwave before assembly. Might be like a quesadilla, might be awful, let’s find out!



That’s the worst Guinness I’ve ever seen.


Can’t. Too irked by the thread title.


His copy of Wuthering Heights has seen better days too


Got a choice of: Starbucks, Boots or mystery hospital canteen. Which would you recommend Eric?


can’t remember who bought me that mug (my wife’s aunty idk) but get loads of comments like “oh, bet you wish that was real Guinness” something about Guinness being shit
something else boring about Guinness
I don’t even drink Guinness I don’t care it’s just a mug!



The box! The box!



cracking biscuits tbh.
Litttttllllleeeee bit of animosity that I went and snaffled a couple of packs immediately after completely blanking the meeting they were left over from, but, BISCUITS!


Boots meal deal: 3 bean wrap, cheese and onion squares and naked blue smoothie


Really bad Chinese buffet, too much squashy tofu and not spicy enough aubergines :tired_face: still going to eat my money’s worth though


Pretty happy with that tbh


This, except all day breakfast sandwich, caramel shortbread, and the far superior naked green smoothie.


Love that pod baguette. The only good thing they do.


Had a (chewy not soft) tofu and aubergine in black bean sauce last night. Was epic.


agree but rarely go in there since they stopped the meal deal. livid about that. this baguette, cawston’s rhubarb and sweet and salt popcorn for £4.50 was :ok_hand:


Simpson’s memes are wasted on me

But yeah I might go for the mystery!