what is lunch

baby don’t hurt me


had loop-de-loop yesterday, and while it was good, i don’t think it was ideal warm weather-summer food


Alright, Kanye.


soup (leek and potty)
2 x rolls

don’t think this will keep me going until dinner, shall i go and get some snacks?





what are some nice snacks which aren’t totally shit but are vaguely healthy? (i’ve gone right off crisps recently)


fine thanks. a bit hot & tired though.


scotch egg

how about they coconut crisps?


Tesco misery sandwich (Chicken/Bacon/Lettuce)
Double Decker Duo
Bottle of Coke Zero.

Still hungry.


Dried mango/Dried Pineapple?


double deckers are pretty underrated



oooh, I never really consider dried fruit

going to walk up to M&S I think, see what the sitch is (I’m feeling fancy given my soup + 2 rolls was £2)


Cheese and marmite sandwich and chocolate buttons




Not by me they’re not. They’re rated perfectly as the #1 chocolate bar commonly sold in the UK.


Conchiglie with pesto, garlic, chilli and mozzarella


made a salad innit. not feeling hungry though so might just get a coffee


Croque monsieur and pink lady apple juice. Still vomming.


Do you think the Monsieur and the lady might have made a baby and that’s why you’re throwing up?