Lunchtime on Thursday



where’s the sausage roll

Humous with Za’ata and pitta to dip in it

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Not sure but I have the day off so the world is my oyster.
What should I have?


Had 2x toast, 1x pain au chocolat and 2x Viennese Whirl at about 10.30 for breakfast so lunch is gonna be a bit late. Probably an M&S sandwich and a big scotch egg.

got a good one

I’ve fried up a cut up leftover baked tater - having it with the leftover chili and rice from last night with cheese, sour cream and chili sauce

lovely, just wish there was more chili

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What’s your order of business here, prof? Is it sandwich first (dipping), then soup, crips with the pie last?

Eating the soup and crisps first. Move on to the pie, then tackle the sandwich last.

Bung it all in the soup, call it a special casserole.

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Sweet potato n pepper frittata
Green beans and fennel
Kale and lentil salad


that’s bloody unorthodox but I appreciate your maverick intent


I’m having!!! A packet of crisps :frowning:

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It’s basically eat what’s closest to me. I didn’t arrange the plates with any logic

Torn between poached eggs or a croque madame

gonna have a kinda anchovy bruschetta type thing

Can somegome please come and make me lunch? I’m starving.

Would smash.

Fennel is the best, think it might be my 'hing