Lunchtime special



Guys, what’s your ultimate high-street sandwich/wrap/baguette?
No indie sandwich shop nonsense. I’m talking chains (e.g. Pret, Eat) only. No salads, no soups. Just yer standard #content enveloped in a carbohydrate-heavy substance.

For me, it’s Leon’s chicken and chorizo club wrap. And I’ll be having one today.

Chat encouraged.


I guess I’m not allowed to have Deeney’s?


Correct. That is not in the spirit of this thread.


Hmm. I’m quite partial to the chicken and sweetcorn sandwich from M&S, especially if I can’t be arsed to chew.


sainsburys taste the difference ham hock and cheddar, not even a ham fan


Pod’s mozzarrella baguette is great. Pret’s avocado wrap is nice.

Today im having a freebird burrito.


Any, any supermarket ~£1 cheese and onion.


This would be me SSOC (sainsburys sandwich of choice_


narrow second to the TtD Salt Beef & Tewkesbury Style Mustard Dressing imo


Even if money weren’t a consideration?


Can’t remember the last time I had a sandwich from a high-street outlet.
Would would anyone?


I bloody love them.

Occasionally would get a triple, but depends what’s in it. Also quite like duck wraps.

Also: Pret’s cheese and ham baguette thing is well good. I think it depends on the shop massively for me.


Sub thread: bread cooked is called toast, bread frozen is called frozen bread, we should come up with a name for it…who’s with me?






Life’s too short to eat terrible food.


I used to very much like Leon’s fish finger wrap.

Now I quite like Pret’s vegan options especially the chickpea wrap.


Waitrose’s do a salt beef with emmenthal, mustard and gherkin on a pretzel roll thing.



Some people at my office go to EAT or Tesco every single day. That’s like such a huge amount of your life wasted on a shit sarnie.


Quite like M&S Cheese and Celerly, cause I’m a weirdo.