Lunchy Thread


What you having?

Can’t really decide what i want tbh


I had a can of Heinz winter veg soup. Was about all I could manage with this bloody cold :frowning:


aren’t you in Australia?


Skyr and a cappucino.


All my meetings are running late, I’ve had no breakfast. I might have a haggis bagel with onion chutney.


You’re very sharp.

I was relating the lunch I had about 8 hours ago


Leftover halloumz tart with some orzo salad. Might have a bag of French fries tok


Been starving since about 10:30. Going to absolutely smash whatever the canteen has.


Got a pear, blue cheese, walnut and cranberry salad.


Quiche Lorraine (wheneeeevveerrr you neeed me)


Peanut butter & cucumber sandwich
three sticks of celery

That sounds a lot healthier than I intended it to be


Haven’t eaten anything since 8pm last night. So, so hungry.


Had lunch at 11 as I’m now at the dentists awaiting a filling.

Had some homegrown lettuce in a cheese and ham sandwich.


Chicken, chorizo and mozzarella salad :frowning:


Had a veggie chilli (chilli con quornie if you will) with rice, at 11:30am.


Black rice noodle salad

Was good, but not enough. Gonna be snacking this afternoon which is terrible for my diet


East Anglian baked potato, beans, piss-taking amount of peas and sweetcorn.


Moussaka and chips and a mango and papaya juice with tumeric


Slightly lurid veggie korma from the work canteen:

had to pimp it up with a little hot sauce, but otherwise not bad…


My intended lunch destination has unexpectedly closed down (parent company has gone bust apparently) so had to think on my feet and find an alternative. The result:

Wild garlic pesto, beetroot, endive and ricotta on rye bread.
And a bag of cheese & onion crisps, obviously.


Some veg spring rolls and loads of onion rings. Vegan af, unhealthy af