Just eaten some sausage pasta leftovers from Friday. The pasta was hot but the sausage was not so hot. I went back to the microwave to give it more of a blast but someone was using it and it had 3 mins left on the clock.

I am definitely going to be in a “rusty water” scenario within the next two hours aren’t I?

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Pisses me off that this thread is started every day AFTER I’ve had my lunch. GMT pricks!

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its probably fine.

I’ve just had a veg box delivered so going to root arounnd in that for a bit and see what I come out with.

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fried chicken w/mac n cheese, corn on the cob and collared greens

absolutely huge millionaire’s shortbread to finish


donuts. i got donuts


Ooof, this sounds like an amazing lunch

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it was quite :100:

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Quinoa, halloumi and olive salad


soup of the day! (carrot & coriander)

Unffft. Swap lunches with me please?

Ahem, I have some delicious crudités (cucumber, carrot and yellow pepper) hummus and a really delicious yoghurt - honestly the best yoghurt, really makes the swap worry your while imho.

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tummy grumbling a little

Definitely need to not be so lazy this Sunday and make something for lunches so I don’t end up eating raw veg all week again like a right plum.

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Cheese and crisp cob

i don’t believe that microwaving it will have any effect on whether you get sick

it’ll make it hot and kill off all the bugs that are about to eat me from the inside out

just making it slightly warm, not cooking it

not hot enough to kill any bugs


Yes I made it slightly warm. If it stayed in longer it would have been hot. Hot enough to kill teh bugs.

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I also have leftover pasta. But mine’s from last night and doesn’t involve sausage. And I have garlic bread.


doubt it