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Watford’s latest midfield 3?

Got up late, had a marmalade sandwich and a pain au choc for brunch. Making dauphinois potatoes, sirloin steak and green beans for late lunch/tea.


i knew they made things hot, but idk not hot enough to make a difference to anything


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you don’t cook anything in a microwave do you? just warm it up a bit

guess i always thought it was the cooking that killed the bacteria

jacket potatoes


okay so, raw egg: DEADLY
cooked egg hot: fine
cooked egg gone cold: still fine
cooked egg gone cold then microwaved: no change

Ethiopian stall on Whitecross Street.

My only complaint is that they don’t do injera.

I can’t handle any more of this.


insufficiently reheated leftover sausages from Friday? Some people must love food poisoning!

i don’t think you should reheat cooked egg

I’m not too sure if japes should cook anything.


I find injera way too citrusy. Overpowers the other flavours.

chicken, veg and salad, same as always

I put frittata in the microwave at work all the time.

veg AND salad… quite the treat

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Miss because you are not around there so much anymore, or because it is not actually there?

I finally got round to trying it a while back and it was some of the absolute best food I have ever eaten :drooling_face: (then also went back again like another two times to take other people)