Lundi Lunch Thread

Right so my Eurostar has been delayed so you’re going to have to entertain me with tales of your lunch.

M&S for me:

  • cheese and ham sandwich
  • cheese tasters
  • rocky road bar
  • strawberry milkshake

Show me something good please.

Guess what I’m having.

Hmm my :crystal_ball: is showing :fish: and :bread:


Haha, yes! exciting as ever.

Egg mayo (wholegrain mustard, red onion & capers) and watercress sandwich. Cheese and onion French fries

East Anglian baked potato, sweet chilli chicken cubes (:nauseated_face:), peas, beetroot with horseradish (:grimacing:), some fruit.


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Stop replying to me with Simpsons pictures I literally don’t get any of them

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That one’s Lisa.


Cheese tomato sandwich
Half bag crisps

The was still hungry and at home so had other part of the crisps in a sandwich.

Homemade cheeseburgers
Fancy oven chips
Salad for Mrs F and beans for me cause I’m a child.
Creme Egg.

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I had pilpel falfel. I cashed in my loyalty card so got it for FREE.

Can’t wait for the bomps to hit later during my double gym class :+1:

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Squat bomps :smiley:


I need something to help me elevate

crappy home made crab and lettuce sandwich, a few sticks of celery and half a packet of Lockets to stop me coughing.

Your homework for the rest of the week is to up your lunch game. Report back to me on Friday.

It’s par for the course most of the time. There’s a sandwich bar here, but I know that I’d just end up buying sausage or bacon baguettes every day then end up doubling in size within a month.

I’m working from home on Thursday though, so it’ll be a feast.

The usual:

1 x :sandwich:
1 x cheese tasters (apoplectic there’s still no emoji)
1 x :tangerine:
1 x :chocolate_bar:

Meatballs in white wine, tomato and basil sauce with pecorino shavings
toasted ciabatta

(leftovers from yesterday)

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I have a bacon roll being prepared for me at the moment, reckon I might follow it up with a jam doughnut #healthy