Let’s talk about Lungfish. What do you think about Lungfish?

Seems like I wasn’t exposed to them until 2008. May have heard of them before that, not sure, but that’s when says I started listening. I only started scrobbling 2 years prior, but I’d remember if I listened to Lungfish before that. My entry point was Artificial Horizon and I probably played it 3 times over 2008-09. Decent album, seems I last listened to it in 2014. That same year I moved on to Rainbows From Atoms, which I enjoyed considerably more. I also learned that frontman Daniel Higgs was in The Skull Defekts (only 2008-16 apparently) and they had a new album in 2014 called Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown. Maybe that’s what promoted me to check out some more Lungfish.

Anyhow in the last 5 years I’d also listened to Indivisible and Talking Songs for Walking which are both quite good. A few weeks ago I was listening to a lot of 1999 albums, looking at lists and thought maybe it’s time for my next Lungfish album, The Unanimous Hour. I finally got around to it this morning, found it nice and very psych rock influenced. I’ve now listened to a total of 4 Lungfish albums so far today including their debut EP Necklace of Heads for the first time. All good stuff.

They’re (were?) a cool band and I should continue to explore their large discography.

I think I have all of the Daniel Higgs Skull Defekts albums but have only heard one Lungfish song.

I’ll get round to them eventually.

tried to get into them multiple times but it never stuck

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Sounds like I should post some songs in here for inspiration.

Only heard them properly last year but have liked what I’ve heard

Their photo tickles me

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At different points through their albums (the ones I’ve heard) they remind me of Fugazi (obviously), Polvo, June of 44 (shared member), Porno for Pyros, Caustic Resin, and Swans to name a few. They seem to have gotten more psychedelic as time went on.

They’re a band I always mean to dedicate some time to properly explore. A bunch of folk completely love them and on paper it’s something I think I would be into. I’ve just never really clicked with it so far.
I saw them in the 90s at the Princess Charlotte, maybe with Circus Lupus. Maybe it’s time to delve in again.

Lungfish fans always put me off a little as their devotion sometimes seems to verge on cultish/religious. The religious thing is pertinent for me as I find them to be one of those acts that (like a standup comedian), the audience needs to have complete faith in, or the experience becomes disconcerting/traumatic.

The loopy/raga/simplistic elements of Lungfish can be (too) easily dismissed as accidental/incidental at which the experience falls apart for me. If I manage to maintain belief, their stuff becomes incredibly powerful/mesmerising.

Really interesting band which one day I’ll spend far more time with.

Totally relatable points made above, especially about them sounding right on paper but not necessarily resonating. Took me a while to get around to another album after trying my first. Definitely was more receptive when I tried the earlier stuff, yet the one I played for the first time this week is the most recent I’ve heard and it clicked too. They seem to be an acquired taste.

Don’t know anything about their fanbase, I’ve never seen them live, never really talked with anyone about them online (maybe once previously, which could have triggered my first exposure), and have never talked about them with anyone in person. I can see that you’d really need to be invested to enjoy them live.

Curious what albums you all have tried and not connected with.