Luton Airport


Hell on earth isn’t it.

I get lounge access too through work, and it looks like that Brexit leave means leave conference.

50+ couples staring mournfully at each other/flicking through the daily express, sipping the free lager and forcing down the butter chicken curry that’s been under the lamps for an hour.

Pretty sure I’m getting evil looks like I shouldn’t be here.


I don’t like it that you have to pay £1 for a see-through plastic bag for your toiletries at Luton Airport.


use a regular ziplock bag




get a regular ziplock bag, and use that


It’s fine


I do not travel enough to have an opinion on airports. Always find Luton fine, but am probably just excited to be on holiday! Within easy reach of London too imhavho


Where do you get a regular ziplock bag from at Luton airport?


Easily the worst of the London area airports.


you prepack your toiletries in a ziplock bag before you leave for the airport


you would have to obtain the bag before going to Luton, obviously, you amateur!


once asked them why they didn’t sell perfumes in luton airport

“they’d probably drink them”


Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I would have done that had I known that Luton Airport charges £1 for their see-through bags for toiletries before I went there once


So bad that I have opted to fly into City on Friday and travel an extra hour+ by tube and train


Only thing it’s got going for it is that it’s one way to escape Luton.


but paradoxically it is the only reason anybody might ever go to luton to begin with


Worst airport I’ve been to, it’s vile.


What, ever!?


Can I just shock you? I used Luton 10 days ago and they are now providing free plastic bags for toiletries.

Luton is fine. Not great but pretty serviceable. The upgrades have improved the duty free/waiting experience.


I agree with him.