Anyone here been? I’m gonna go visit on the train a couple of weeks from now, and check out the Lux in Benelux.

Small and expensive I’m guessing, but all tips and hilarious replies welcome :pray:t2:

Drove through it. Good road signs.

Fuck yeah


Went for a weekend in 2017 to see Interpol.

A walk through old town and through the parts in the valley (Grund). It’s quite picturesque. Then the Museum of History and Art is a good place to go if you want to get a bit of history. Some of the art is interesting, and they house a big collection of a local expressionist artist, Joseph Kutter, who I think is really good. Check out the Mudam (contemp art) too, on the Kirchberg plateau. The walk up there through the valley is very nice. More art, often more conceptual, is in the casino. Or a collection of Dutch Golden Age, with sometimes interesting temporary exhibitions, in the Villa Vauban. There are also the Casemates, tunnels under the city which formed part of the city’s fortifications, which are interesting. And the cathedral, one facade of which was built in the 16th c I seem to remember. If you have a car you could drive around the countryside perhaps towards the German border and go along the Moselle river. Or through the Valley of the seven castles, where you should stop on Ansembourg to visit the restored 16-17c gardens.

Restaurants: Um Plateau used to be nice. A bit fancy. Um Dierfgen or Muselskantin serve local fare. Bella Napoli has a good pizza. One new bar people talked about is Paname in the Gare area. There are also a few neighbourhood cafes. Like Bouneweger Stuff in Bonnevoie or Café Tramways in Limpertsberg. Or Urban in the centre is always quite safe. There are more bars near there.

You may also want to have a look at this link Luxembourg: posh restaurants and free clubbing in the party city | Luxembourg holidays | The Guardian.

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Went in 2018 for two days - Mudam (modern art museum) was excellent. Ate at this nice crepe restaurant

Drank some lovely cocktails but can’t for the life of me remember where. Wandered around some castles - always good.

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Had a weekend in Luxembourg City about four years or so ago. Quite nice, but the kind of place that I think mainly gets day trippers, so it kinda felt dead after about 5pm. That said, I remember discovering a little music venue/bar kind of area near the train station on the final night which seemed a wee bit more lively.

The old town area is pretty and it was fun going round the castle walls/casemates - wouldn’t recommend it if you’re in any way claustrophobic though!

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Never been.

Could have passed through it and not even known.

Nor me

I am in Luxembourg ama

How’s Luxembourg?