Lying About Progress Of An Album


Postal Service did this. Always claimed that second album was gonna come out at some point then finally came clean and admitted there were only two tracks and they pretty much sounded exactly like the first album so they re-released it with those two tracks on. No one seemed to be that upset because at least they knew now so it wasn’t a question anymore.

You can understand the lying though, keeps them in people’s minds, keeps people checking in. Seems a bit off though somehow.

What do you lot think?


felt sure this was going to be about My Vitriol…

I think it’s kind of funny, when no one else’s money is involved


aye, yer man Deakin really fucked a lot of people over for a good while didn’t he?


I think in a lot of cases it’s an attempt to be truthful with the fans. A lot of artists intend to finish what they start, and there’s obviously a great many half-finished albums where if the artists were asked at the beginning, they would say they intended to complete and release them. But if they realise the songs aren’t strong enough or “life stuff” gets in the way and they want to stop making it, that’s fine. Artists don’t owe us anything, even after they say material is coming. Still frustrating though e.g. Chromatics - Dear Tommy.

Some bands probably do lie about it, just to make out they’ve got some kind of forward momentum. I’d give the band the benefit of the doubt, unless they otherwise seemed like pricks. People probably shouldn’t publicly commit to anything until it’s in the early stages of being released, when all the tracks are done and recorded. However if you’re doing say, a pledgemusic campaign, that makes things a bit different!


Oh yeah, Frank Ocean was pretty funny with his album coming out as well. Genuinely so bizarre- was meant to be released like 10 times, then the album that came out may not have been the one he was hyping- is Blond ‘Boys don’t Cry’? Who knows


The Avalanches did this a load. When Wildflower dropped they said that sometimes they really believed or hoped that it’d be around the corner, sometimes they just made it up.

There’s been multiple reports on both Madvillain and DOOMSTARKS albums nearing completion, though it’s looking like they might never materialise.

There was literally YEARS of leaks that Dr Dre’s Detox was about to drop and the most mind-blowing rap album ever made before it was canned because it was shit.


Is this about when Kanye unreleased his album?


Pretty great example really. Gets caught up in a web of lies about releasing an album without actually finishing it, makes a huge listening party, tosses out a half finished product but tells everyone he’s Pablo Picasso as a cover-up.


yup. he ended up giving most of the money to charity and finally sent the album out to everyone he could get hold of this year. the Pitchfork article about it’s interesting, he at least seems apologetic about it and ashamed, rather than being a dick about it like some others.


Chromatics are taking a different approach. Tell everyone a release date and then not release it and not say why 20 months later.

After a lot of radio silence they said it would be out this year.

Believe it when I see it.


i like how Tool are sulking about all their fans being mean to them over their endlessly delayed album


haha that’s amazing. i remember hearing about that album and just assumed it had been released and then forgotten about


Every Facebook post is followed by a torrent of complaints.

I even sent a message saying I was on hunger strike until the release.

Not sure that was helpful tbh.


Yeah, Madvillainy 2 was the first thing I thought of reading the thread title


Can’t delete this post


Slightly off topic but JAI PAUL




Not off topic at all, much like I regularly do with Dre, I had forgotten about Jai Paul!


Sort of related…a few years ago Sufjan admitted the 50 states project was just a gimmick, and was never realistically going to happen. Bit of a strange lie, because obviously it was never feasible…


He also said that he took it too seriously, himself, though. The burden of that was probably why it took him so long to follow up Illinois after such a prolific period of work


I’ve not seen whatever quote you’re referring too…but I’d still be surprised if he ever really thought he’d go through with it.