Lying: The Poll Thread

I have dropped an ice cream sundae on a young girl, and I have served lomano lua lua but these were 2 separate incidents


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how did you eat that many? that seems like a lot!

I have not met any of the members of The Futureheads outside of a gig setting.

Neil from Meursault has worked at various guitar and music shops around town, regularly see him.

Danny B was on the Eurostar back from Paris at the same time as me and babysat me for a few hours, gave me a copy of New Scientist and played me his single the week before he was due to be on TOTP. Glory days

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Mine was the furniture one, well done Kermy, scorpio, jagpi, roasty and hrb. It was actually Emily Eavis, but Michael is also a GBOL.


the nuggets was a challenge, it was vile
the cocktail sausage rolls were on NYE 2004 and I went downstairs, nicked the entire lot fresh from the oven, and sat on my room in my own drinking warm lager and eating them in a grump with everyone downstairs for NOT UNDERSTANDING ME

You used to date @marcofella?


this is very impressive! Wish I could eat that much stuff in one go, I love eating

I don’t think there’s anything impressive about it Bam. Just gluttony.

Well I think it’s impressive :man_shrugging:

any more guesses before I reveal?

:point_up: found it

how did you first become interested in being a juggalo? I didn’t think that was a thing in the UK?

I used to be a Kerrang! subscriber, back when I thought KoRn were the greatest band who ever existed. I played their first two albums a ridiculous number of times. There was an article on ICP talking about them as if they were some underground hiphop act that were very cool, very edgy and very obscure. Teenage me thought that ticked all my boxes so I bought the Halls Of Illusions single on a punt. I liked it a lot, so soon after bought the album The Great Milenko too. Bear in mind that until this point, I had never bothered with any hip-hop and was an angry angry teen. They had a whole folklore about what would happen after they revealed the last jokers card which just made it feel bigger and more profound than other artists. The whole stuff about them being signed to a Disney subsidiary and then dropped due to their explicit content made them sound dangerous. When my family went to Florida for a holiday later that year I bought their first three albums too, though none were a patch on The Great Milenko to me. It was the nu-metal album I needed before I had even heard the term nu-metal.

I used to go to a music shop every day after school and hang out there talking about music to the staff. One was my oldest brother’s friend and he got into them off my recommendation too. One of the members of staff there who was really nice but also really really into his hip-hop ‘lent’ me a copy of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) because he was so appalled that this was my gateway into hip-hop. He also tried to convince me with Eminem’s My Name Is, but I thought (and still think) that sounded far cornier. However the Wu-Tang introduction had the desired effect, that was the beginning of the end of my ICP love.

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You’ve led a very rich life!

I did not play 7 a side against Sheffield legend Chris Porter. It was Jordan Slew.

I did see SA at the services, and I did conduct a wedding written by me in song titles.

Not the response I expected after confessing that I was a teenage Juggalo :smiley:


pretty fascinating, I was never anything much as a teen, just had a metallica st. anger t-shirt that’s about it

well done to @ma0sm @NoahVale & @boothyfearssatan.

I actually came third in that competition which shocked me as I do have a massive gob!

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I did not go to school with the Sugababes. They did however, grow up in the same town as me.

Paul Merson did indeed take forever to leave the toilet at the 1993 Junior Gunners Christmas party.

My pointless episode is here, knock yourself out