Just went and got weirdly hot after I arranged to spend all evening inside watching films didn’t it, instead of reading in the park or something - TYPICAL

What’s happening with all y’all

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Tired out. Pie for dinner and probably some Orchard Pig cider.

'er indoors is making “crab” “cakes” which I am very much looking forward to.

Then probably stare into the void and contemplate death or something, idk


good day

some packing tonight, taking most of my stuff home tomorrow, second run on Thursday

flatmate is bringing me a mcflurry in a bit

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Ah, it’s a Monday and not the weekend isn’t it

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this makes my soul happy


Made good use of the end of Eat Out, easy first day back at work, and loving my new book though so not too too bad really




is he going to fuck the mcflurry first?



Watching Reading and Leeds coverage from previous years :sob::sob::sob::sob:
There’s not one women in any of the bands in the main stage headliners section :rage:, tbf to the BBC there aren’t that many to choose from, but still.

Thinking of buying some boots on wheels…

  • Blades
  • Boots

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he’s been fucking someone else today, no shit

she’s sound, we had a nice chat about Cocteau Twins while he told us both he’s into Jack Johnson. Then they went upstairs and shagged. Cucked :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses:

Think she was here on Friday though, didn’t see her. So four different people in five days. What an arsehole.

hope he doesn’t fuck my McFlurry


I hope he’s washing his sheets in between

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Never seen him wash em yet

kind of a Cornish version

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a young andy townsend here for some reason


Evening. I’ve absolutely wasted my last day off work, feel completely ashamed.


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I quite like the sound of him tbh
Would watch a fly on the wall documentary about his life

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evening all :wave:

having chilli for dinner tonight, hopefully it’ll be nice.

got the rice ready in a sieve and went to put the rest back in the cupboard, and as soon as I opened the cupboard some packets of pasta fell out, hit the sieve and launched the rice across the kitchen. then some more fell out and hit me on the head. good times.

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I’ll put you in touch if you want

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