M.I.A. DiSers 2018 Edition


irons came back! who’s not been around?

I miss @Elaina_Casoolare :sob:


Can we make it mandatory that when people leave they put an out of office on their profile to say if its temporary or forever? I get genuinely worried about some people when they just disappear.


@zxcvbnm :cry:


Hi @badvibes


@ericthefourth and @reptar :cry:




Remember a few years ago, when in hindsight i was probably going through a bit of a rough time, leaving a few forums on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve felt like some sort of huge personal victory. I’d normally go to a local cafe and sign up under a new name by about January 4th. It’s weird how repetative habits can sort of take over your life a bit.


I was wondering where @kermitwormit had gone yesterday


Haven’t seen @kermitwormit in a while :frowning:




@foppyish is far too quiet. I’ve had no one to discuss the merits of wearing my dufflecoat throughout the festive period.



I would like an update on Colon, Carmen and Ruffers please!


@loui_tacceh, did he ever post on the new forum at all? oh he plugged his book didn’t he



GBOL, great avatar. Come back!


still trying to escape


i miss @foppyish so much


I think I’ve had more conversations with foppyish irl than online


Aww :frowning:

Does he go to meats in London?


Alright Pato Banton


he has done :heart: