M.I.A. DiSers 2018 Edition


hiya :copyright: :copyright: :honeybee: :slight_smile: x

that all sounds mint. congrats on the promotion!


Where the fuck is Eric


He’s hanging out with his mates dog on instagram, but still. Come back :sob:


He better. The world’s best black metal band dropped an album today


Where is silkyskillz?


He got banned again.

Was going through a pretty tough time as well.


think i saw him at 2000 trees watching turbowolf on the weekend


Was he ever on newdis as silky?


Did CG ever make it to NewDiS?


Several times. But the mods have generally been upholding his permaban (he was in the dadsnet thread recently announcing some news).


Oh is he having a baby?


Unless I totally got the wrong end of the stick…

I think his post has been deleted but the evidence remains


@Elaina_Casoolare hasn’t been around in ages :frowning:


He was bird


hmm, interesting…






SilkySkillz was a pest, but every now and again he’d drop the character and it was easy to see he was a smart, caring bloke. I remember he told a story about some charity work he’d done and it was one of the best things i’ve ever read on here. I don’t miss the sort of unecessary spikeyness and that, but i got the impression he was struggling with one or two things and maybe it was his way of escaping from those things.


Made a lot of women on here feel uncomfortable so I’d think first before we post stuff like this.


I think this is a pretty unecessary post. Firsty because i literally called him a pest and said i don’t miss his behaviour. Secondly because it was me as much as anybody who called him out on stuff, regularly. Thirdly, because as much as his behaviour was completely unacceptable i’ve still got sympathy for anybody who suffers from mental health problems. I’ve literally only said that every now and then he showed signs of being a bit more aware and reasonable than his (pretty consistantly questionable) behaviour suggested.

Anyway, i’m having the sort of day where i could really, really do without being involved in an online argument with anybody or even a serious back-and-forth debate, so i’ll take your point onboard and hope you’re not offended if i mute the thread and don’t reply. Apologies if it read like i was excusing his behaviour. I think we’d all agree that the site’s better for a few (male) posters no longer contributing.