M.I.A. DiSers 2019 Edition

was it just me or in the madness of the DiS blackout 2k19 did I see @WizardLizard pop up for a bit? hello, if so!

think @noise_ramones has gone, boo

who else?

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He seemed quite down recently, hope he is alright :frowning:

I wouldn’t mind if ruffers would return, he was good craic


He is ok, just having a bit of a DiS break :slight_smile:


@ericVI WizLiz has been about here and there.

He’s ok. Just taking a break

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has sexybum/100000000yearban gone?
(good riddance if so)
(not really)

Was wondering if he had an alt. But if he had it would surely be obvious…

(I think) He started a thread about me then disappeared after that :woman_shrugging: . I never knew what the thread said though, tried to DM him but no response…I want him to come back though pls @zxcvbnm2

didn’t know this, sorry, not trying to cause any beeves.

would quite like a question and answer session with dissers who have left for a prolonged period of time - what did they do with their lives during that period? what were they thinking? etc.

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Agreed. He sometimes oversteps the mark but I don’t think it’s malicious, just a bit misguided

Yeah I msg’d him to let him know that whatever it said, it doesn’t matter :slight_smile: I would hate that he’s disappeared cause he thinks he may have upset someone/me.

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Really hope this is a front and you’re building some beeves ready for his return.


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Mainly working and eating burritos

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what has changed?

Working less

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Also I want to know how much secret lurking they do

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I used to try to stop posting for a New Year’s resolution. I’d start browsing mid-Jan, begin posting shortly after as, idk… julie_anderton, then City would lose a big game and a nine-paragraph rant would give the game away.

So much character progression since then.


Heyyyyyy buddy :wave:

Yeah I’m around! Had a bit of hiatus over Christmas and New Years what with work plus driving up and down the SE & SW but all good here. How are you doing? Glad to see that you’ve made a bit of a ‘return’ to the boards! :slightly_smiling_face: