I’ve always meant to check her albums out but for whatever reason never got round to it. Half way through Arular and I am not disappointed. Downloaded the doc to watch over the weekend too. Cheers for starting this thread @vamos


I’m only a casual fan of M.I.A but I found this documentary utterly compelling and movingly candid at times. I think history will be much, much kinder to M.I.A than her contemporaries were.

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What’s really good about this documentary is that there seemed to be a handheld camera rolling at many of the key points of her career: the first Coachella performance and then backstage as she hears the demands for an encore, MIA playing her music for XL in an attempt to get signed, backstage at the Super Bowl before and after the performance, talking to the NYT journalist before the infamous profile and truffle french fry incident, leaving her home to visit Sri Lanka after finding success…

New track

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She seems to be having a full on meltdown on Twitter today about 5G installation in her road…

The doc is now on Netflix and it’s pretty interesting

I’ve been listening to her music but it’s nothing too special to my ears. Maybe it’s the ‘Seinfeld effect’ where she did it first, then everyone else copies it and it sounds less original then?

Nowadays we’re kind of blasé about it because of the proliferation of youtube and spotify and having every different microgenre available at our fingertips, but she was the first to really attempt to distill the sound of - for want of a better phrase - a refugee diaspora into mainstream pop. The clashing together of all these different kinds of cultures and sounds. Her backstory really propelled it initially too.

Her full-lengths generally aren’t amazing on their own but she’s got some great singles and would make a fantastic best of compilation at some point.

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