M&Ms poll

  • Original
  • Peanut
  • Crispy
  • Foreign

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Foregin = stuff like peanutbutter and birthday cake


Where’s the M+Ms are shit option?


In the Go Fuck Yourself board


Think that’s only available to premium users and TSTers at the moment


Peanut butter obvs. Tell me you made up the birthday cake?!



Insert gif of flabbergasted person here

Don’t know what to think.


You know what I think?

They don’t taste like cake


I need to try these, I have a mate going to Florida next week, going to see if they will get me some.


They sell them in quitte a few off licences here, might be worth a shot at your local off licence.


Uk M & Ms are the biggest swizz ever. You get loads of flavours abroad. Here they just change colours. Brillisnt


Original only. Crispy are shite, peanut just ain’t my thing, baby.