You wouldn’t believe what a ball ache it was to type that thread name on my phone.

Anyway, happy Monday! What’s going on?

It was light already when I came down for a shower - sun not quite up, but bright enough not to turn the lights on. Looks like we’re nearly at a 10 hour day here

Three days off. Hoping they’ll be as child free as possible because although i love them dearly, they are HARD work.


Good morning all! :wave:

WFH today. Mrs CCB and the Cheeksters are on half term, which means a more relaxed start to the day: I’ve been getting some work bits done, but from the comfort of my bed. Need to get up and dressed as I’m helping out with interviews later and I don’t think my polar bear PJs would give off the right message.

Time for the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:19 17:06 09:46:21 +3:52
Brighton 07:17 17:12 09:55:45 +3:35
Glasgow 07:47 17:16 09:29:07 +4:23
Manchester 07:32 17:14 09:42:36 +3:59
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:30 17:28 09:58:16 +3:31
Newcastle 07:33 17:08 09:34:17 +4:14
Cardiff 07:30 17:23 09:52:43 +3:40
Belfast 07:50 17:26 09:36:30 +4:10

Watch this space, Brightonians


Super Bowl brain fog has descended :sleeping:

Quite a lot to do today, but if I manage ill be well set up for the week and think the work stress will be pretty non existent

Will order a book I’ve been putting for ages


Suited and booted for a funeral this morning. Going to try not to get too pissed afterwards, but a load of my mates will be there that I’ve not seen for an age

Gonna go into the leeds office for a nice bit of football chat


London: the sun has risen

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Off to the dentist in a bit and then need to get my mom a birthday present.

Still trying to decide whether to do it all by bike or train.

Starting a new job after 3 weeks of (blissful) time off mooching around the house, cycling and hanging out in coffee shops.

Feel a mixture of massive CBA and motivation to get back into work mode (i.e. need to earn money). Reckon I would be more up for it if the kids had been sleeping recently :tired_face:


Had probably the 30th dream about my nan’s house and her pantry so far this year.

Got my 1-2-1 today :cold_face:

Cw weight loss I’m also the lightest I’ve weighed since 2016



Got to go and get some petrol, sort out the dentist and then go meet friend for dog walk and tea

Also buy some trainers

Love half term.

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Morning all!

We’re leaving Tyneside in the next hour or so and delivering The Child to her other grandparents in Edinburgh.

Be well man


Oh, will do my Arctic Monkeys listening today - fun

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It me


Ah it’s more as support for my best mate. Whilst I was close to his dad, he’s had a rough 6mths, so being there to help him through is the game.

Cheers though my man xxx


Great start to the week with a massive tummy ache. Not even cramps or anything, just…. tummy ache.

Been waiting for a bus for half an hour. Should have been in the office by now. Had to get a taxi which i can’t afford and oh boy, i was approaching pure raging…

then Haddaway came on the radio. What a banger.


Trying to report a bit of broken street furniture and the council website won’t work. Argh!

What have I become?

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Was going to haver to go out for work but its moved to teams now so lazy start it was with emails from bed.

feeling very tired after trying to keep an eye on that superb owl last night. Need some breakfast. REally need to shower and wake the fudge up.

got What is Love? stuck in my head now thanks @Scout !

have a good day fools


Looks like I might not have to do the annoying bit of work I didn’t want to do this week, because I’m waiting on some details from someone who’s away all week. Hurrah!