M83/Anthony Gonzalez


Thought I’d start an M83 thread. I’ve been a fan of the band since their debut but especially liked Saturdays = Youth and Before the dawn heals us.
Wasn’t so bothered by Hurry up we’re dreaming and I kinda dismissed their album Junk from last year after hearing it once and reading a few bad reviews.
But here’s the thing I’ve listened to Junk a few times this week and I really like the retro feel to it. It really deserved a second chance. Don’t expect the same sound as the mid 00’s M83 but this is a great album in its own right highlights for me have to be Go!, For th kids with a stunning vocal by Susanne Sundfør, Road Blaster and Atlantique Sud which sounds like some lost 70’s easy listening classic.
It’s not M83’s best but it’s a perfectly good album which deserved better praise.


Junk had loads of fine moments, I dismissed it a bit first of all too. This is an underrated classic and one of their best tunes -


Live versions of We Own The Sky always give me goosebumps.

Morgan Kibby :heart:


The debut is astonishingly good. Personally, my enjoyment of his albums has been on a strong exponential decay curve ever since. Seems lots of folk like them, so ascii shrug.


Dead Cities/Before the Dawn Heals Us/Saturdays = Youth/Hurry Up We’re Dreaming - all amazing

Junk was a bit disappointing, but does have a few great tracks on it. I even warmed to Do It, Try It after a while.


Dead Cities is their best by a significant margin.

I admire Junk for being a more honest look at 80s nostalgia. Laser Gun is much better than anything on the last few albums.


So good but really wish they hadn’t rocked out/double times at the end there


I actually prefer this version, but it’s not a pro shot.


Had a massive crush on Morgan Kibby for a while after seeing M83 live a few years ago.