M83/Anthony Gonzalez

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There’s so much monumental ‘hairs standing up on the back of the neck’ material on that album for me but… I was about to say there’s some filler on there too but after a quick skip through the tracks I really need to revisit and re-evaluate that statement.

Drags a bit at the end doesn’t it? Or does it? Echoes Of Mine, my word!

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£25 is very reasonable

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Probably £10 postage though!


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It’s a magnificent body of work. There’s no denying the time and effort spent on it I would say it’s a solid 8/10 album. There a few duff tracks. The frog one springs to mind. But yeah I’m gonna order the vinyl.

Be interesting to see the 20 year anniversary etc album sleeves.

I guess they will reproduce the image if they do future reissues.


Excellent video too!

I unashamedly love the frog one.


I think because so many of the tracks went on to get used in films/TV it’s feels more recent, Mr Robot used Outro in its series finale only a couple of years ago.

On Apple Music the album only appears with the new artwork now…

He’s up to something. A clip has been posted on Instagram.

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Quite like this bit Deerhuntery in some respects. Even if I don’t like a full M83 album there is normally at least a couple of decent songs on it

I’m down with this!


Sounds promising, the last decent M83 release (for me) was the Oblivion OST 10 years ago.

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Like this more than other stuff he’s done in recent years, without being bowled away… particularly as a lead single it’s a bit transitiony. Still, sounds like a return to what he’s good at at.


This is fine, but it’s all a bit “vibey”, no? Really hope there are some actual songs on this new record, and not just endless incidental type link tunes.

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I like that wall of sound type of sound with all the layers in the latter half of the track. Very immersive almost like Mogwai or Sigur Ros but it’s not a traditional track in the sense of it having verses and a big chorus. I could do with a few of those tracks too but there’s room for both styles.

Am I the only person that absolutely adored Junk?

I like the new one.


Junk was really patchy but has some amazing songs on it