Grey clouds/oat chai/work will be quite dull today



Morning scout!

I’m going to try to drink 10 cups of tea today

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Cloudy and windy today (both me and the weather), work will be busy again I think, need to get up and make my lunch and get dressed and that I suppose.

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Best of luck with your endeavour.

I believe in you.

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Haven’t opened the blinds/coldbrew/oh god why did I stay up so late last night and why also has a pitiful amount of exercise destroyed me :tired_face:


Thank you for adhering to the format FL.

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Really sunny (but cold) / coffee, coffee and more coffee / juggling two kids on school holidays and a work to-do list as long as my arm.


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My mood is the Tina Belcher worried noise (mild)


I am 34 years old and have showered nearly every day of my adult life and just now I tried to get in with my pants still on. Piss off, Monday.


Grey, windy and cold/ Coffee / got to pack stuff into a box ahead of an office move next week. Trying to dodge an evening networking event later on.


Blue skies/cafetiere/think I’m one of only three in today


Still think scout is ccb every time I see a post :woozy_face:

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One cup of tea down. busy day at work so I’m gonna be relying on bullying others into making me cups.


Hazy sunshine / train station cuppa / got to provide ‘management cover’ in another office today and my train is late and I’m having a mild panic


I’ve got that Friday feeling



This week I have a 4 day week. Next week, 0. The week after, 1. The week after, 4. This has cheered me right up.


Morning scout and friends :blush:
Grey skies/coffee/the usual doing stuff for my nanna and shouting expletatives at coursework
Having loads of nightmares at the moment which is SUCH fun, proper tiredy custards waaa


clouds / protein shake with cappuccino to follow at approximately 10am / at work not doing work

today is my thursday as I’m off on holibobs Wednesday :sunglasses: might not come in tomorrow so today might actually be my friday.


Cycled into work on my road bike today :confused:
Absolutely flew in but felt every pothole :grimacing:

Work. Run. Eat. Sleep.
Probably watch that Freddie Mercury film later :upside_down_face:

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Blue skies and sunshine / sugar-free vimto with fizzy water / work? ah, that’s where the fun ends