Ma0sm claims he has never edited a thread title for comic effect, other than this one

How do you feel about that?[poll public=true]

  • He’s a good man, obviously.
  • He’s knows there’s a line and he doesn’t cross it.
  • What, really? I didn’t expect that. I guess he’s just got one of those faces.
  • I’ll accept this but I’ll be checking the edit history on every thread I come to in case I can prove him wrong.

Sorry @ma0sm although obviously, not really.

Are people seriously upset about thread title editing or is it another joke like that crap TST one that i don’t get?


I dunno. Some people are I guess and some aren’t? This is separate to that really. :smiley:

He looks a lot older than i thought he would.



He is the only DiSser with whom I am friends on Facebook and therefore a good man. #teamma0sm


I am a big fan obviously


I believe him

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You don’t get the TST? I thought everyone knew about the TST by now.


of course i do!*

*penoid just told me

(I still dont know)

Ask gonad. (It’s seriously underwhelming!)


@gonad @penoid be chums

AFAIK and given we should leave old board shit on the old boards, it literally stands for [spoiler] The Secret Thread, which was kissinginkansas’s 2013 albums thread (or whatever year) pinned in Music.

As well as the site software not letting you unpin it, the replies count stuck for ages so no one realised there were new replies, meaning a bunch of people posted stuff in there and whole in jokes were setup a propagated. [/spoiler]


Slight correction:[spoiler] it wasn’t the post count that remained static; it was the ‘date of last post’ that remained stuck in January 2014 or something.

And yes, I think that’s where the “excited for” “excited about” in-joke came from, amongst other jokes. Can’t remember which ones.[/spoiler]

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the post count thing corrected later but for a period I’d thought it got stuck too? Ah well, either way it wasn’t obvious who posted where

Stop giving away the magic, Teho, ffs!

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Oh …cheers. underwhelming !


New forum, new magic.

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Shouldn’t this rhyme?

Well now, @saps…perhaps?

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