Mac DeMarco 'This Old Dog'


Some details about his new album…


Can’t wait but not blown away by the first two tracks from it


I’ve not given them a listen yet but will do so after work…

After the reading the article though, I couldn’t help but think isn’t this his fourth not third album? Does Rock and Roll Night Club not count as an LP?


I would have assumed it was

Rock and Roll Night Club
Salad Days

I know Another One is classified as an EP, so IDK.


Wikipedia are calling RARNC a mini LP… Whatever that means!

I’m counting this as his fourth anyway.


Not so keen on My Old Man, but quite like This Old Dog


Another new track:


Mac played some new tracks in a live session for KCRW


Been listening to this quite a lot in the run up to EOTR. I’m a fan…though does anybody else find it a bit back-loaded in terms of quality? Even more so considering tracks like My Old Man and This Old Dog were singles…but amongst the weakest songs. I think Still Beats For You, A Wolf Who Wears Sheep’s Clothes, On the Level and Moonlight on the River are the highlights.


Has anyone seen him on this tour? I saw him in Vancouver last night and it was a total shitshow, bit worried about the guy.


Quite liked the wooziness of Salad Days but couldn’t make it through this album.


in what respect? they usually play quite sloppily but it usually just feels like tight musicianship and a laissez-faire attitude combining. then they pull out razor tight metallica covers or something