Mac DeMarco 'This Old Dog'

Big Mitski influence, then

new song too

Are all the track titles the same as on Be the Cowboy too?

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Ha, yeah, saw that. I probably should have made clear my comment was jokey!

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Wait what’s Mac DeMarco accused of stealing here exactly?

Mitski fans saying he’s copied her album title and song title or something

Rowed back on it now (“just a light hearted jab, guys!!”) but jeez

Isn’t this the Mitski album everyone was slagging off a few months ago for not being as good as her previous one?

Playing kelvongrove 26th June.

Also piece hall, Halifax around then.


aye i got tickets in the presale this morning, link for glasgow is here if anyone needs it -

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I like both Mitski and Mac (Mitski way moreso) but omg those twitter reactions are cringeworthy

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Jesus, you’re not wrong

Just listened to This Old Dog in November 2021

On the Level & Moonlight on the Water still sound incredible

It’s a really good album still

That is all


New one’s got me going back to Here Comes the Cowboy. Really enjoyed this when I dialled in to how stripped back it is. Such a nice feeling of serenity.