Mac Miller has died

Apparently a drug overdose

God damn, these guys are going way too often and way too young atm.


I’m around the same age. two people I know, who I’d consider friends, or people I’d go for a pint with at least, have died from opiate overdoses. don’t want to come across as high and mighty, and I don’t know who mac miller is, but too many people don’t give a shit about opioid use and how dangerous it is.


Rip mac miller. Really loved WMWTSO, Delusional Thomas & Faces when they came out. Didn’t keep up with him but those were great records.

Opening lines of this are particularly sad right now

Predictably terrible reaction on twitter.

He seemed really well-liked and respected within the LA hip-hop scene. So fucking sad man. He’d been around for like ten years as well

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Yeah i didn’t realise he was so young, its pretty wild what he was able to do in his life

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@moderators would you mind renaming the thread now this appears to be confirmed?

What the absolute fuck?

Poor lass.


Jesus. Not like she hasn’t been through enough.

Ugh - so predictable and so shit.

Can’t believe how young he was. I only just started listening to him the past few weeks, it sounded like he was turning into a pretty amazing artist.

as a teenager, reading about musicians who’d died or disappeared i never really thought about how young they were, just that they’d died while they were still in the peak of their careers

now when i hear news like this [currently 29] and then see that he was only 26… fucking hell man, it’s so so awful in a way that i just totally didn’t get when i was younger