Mac problems

Hi. Technical help needed please.

Random websites keep opening up in Chrome on my mac. No random software has installed itself (that I can see), so have I got a virus or something? Never seen a virus on a Mac before.

Any idea what I can do, helpful and friendly technical folk?

Love and kisses Mistersteve xx

“No random software has installed itself (that I can see)”…

However, there can be things that you can’t see.

You need to get some software to find what it is and delete it. Simple as that.

Try this one:


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a virus on my Mac, and I’ve been using a Mac for 22 years. But I have seen a worm, which is worse. Just the once, though. But there’s other types of malware that can fuck around with you.

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Sounds like a ghost

Yeah. I’ve only ever had that fucking MacKeeper thing, but that was really easy to get rid of. Bit worried about this one. I’ll try that thing – thanks.

Question: Does it happen in just one browser? Or have you tried other browsers and the same thing happens?

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Just tried Safari – same thing.

Have you downloaded any app or other software recently?

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That’s not so usual. Normally these things come along after downloading something, like one of those apps for downloading torrents etc.

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If it was just one browser, I’d say to go to preferences and the extensions and delete any plug ins that you don’t recognise. But that sort of thing I wouldn’t expect to affect all the browsers, but just the one you had open at the time you were infected.

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Another thing to try is to reset the browsers to their default settings.

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And if all other options don’t work then updating your Mac to the latest version would probably get rid of it…

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Ran that Malwarebytes and it seems to have fixed it. Thank you! It found 13 problems.

Have some likes.


Super cool. Glad to hear that worked.

I thought macs were soooo perfect and didnt get viruses looool


They certainly get far fewer viruses than PCs, yes. But I really do think this PC vs Mac fanboy stuff is silly and pointless.

No idea what caused it (I’m usually pretty careful) but that malware thing fixed it.

Thanks again @anon35496508, it’s running faster than it has for years.

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